Make-up Tips From Our Artists

• Tip #1:  Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Mascara
• Tip #2:  Blush, Eyes, Lips
• Tip #3:  Brushes

Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Mascara:

» Always prepare your skin with a foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone before you apply your colors.

» If your foundation looks too heavy, try dampening a latex sponge and applying it that way. This will give a sheerer look.

» If you apply concealer to your undereye area, be sure not to stretch it to the outer corner of the eye. This emphasizes the look of fine lines and crows feet. Always use a camouflage/concealer brush and stay on the dark areas only.

» When wearing moist face make-up, be sure to dust over it with a powder ( loose or pressed).This will help your other colors to glide over your base properly. Your make-up will last longer throughout the day ,too!

» Foundation plus powder on the eyelid equals a true shade of your eye color and helps to prevent creasing on the lid.

» Powder eyelashes first for a thicker lash look.

» Don’t pump your mascara wand in the tube. It pushes air in and your mascara will dry up faster. Rotate the wand inside the tube.

» Do not share mascara and eyeliners ( even with family members). Replace mascara every 8-12 weeks. It can harbor bacteria and cause eye infections if it accidentally gets in your eye.

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