Make-up Tips From Our Artists

• Tip #1:  Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Mascara
• Tip #2:  Blush, Eyes, Lips
• Tip #3:  Brushes


» For a casual look, dust blush on the apples of the cheek in a pretty peachy/pink tone. For a more formal look, dust the entire cheekbone from the outer apples into the hairline

» Use a cream or a gel blush to look even more natural. Just dot the shade on the top of the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your temples.

» Apply a bronzer lightly allover the face to get a sunkissed color without the effects of damaging rays from the sun.


» To help prevent shadows under the eye , use a softer colored liner for your bottom lashes than the top.

» To open up the eye, always choose a lighter eye shadow color ( for all over the lid).

» The more dramatic your eye colors are , the more your cheeks and lips should be natural looking.

» Creamy eyeshadows do not need precise blending and if you choose a neutral color, this will cover any redness and look like you’re not wearing anything.


» Cheek and lipcolor should always be in the same color family whether it’s a warm or cool tone.

» Powder lips before liner and lipcolor. This helps feathering of lipcolor.

» Use a lip liner for lipstick to stay in place.

» For fuller looking lips, trace outside the natural lipline in a nude color , apply your lipstick and then finish with a lipgloss.

» If using a sheer lipstick, choose a lipliner close to the natural color of your lips.

» Lipgloss gets stickier the longer it sits. Generally, lip glosses last 2-3 years.

» If you color your lips with your favorite lip liner, then apply a lip gloss over the top, you will notice that your lip gloss color will last longer.

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