Safe Sun- Lip Service

Lips: Luscious, full, and sexy. Pouty and kissable. Eminently expressive.

We ‘bite our lips’ to show restraint, or keep back anger. We ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ when we take heart, or encourage someone to be strong. And we ‘smack our lips’ to express satisfaction and delight. Our lips serve as the framework for every smile or frown. They are the conveyor of every spoken word. And, as an important component of our complexion, they require tender loving care.

Lips are composed of a thinner-than-typical skin membrane that’s especially sensitive to extremes of heat and cold. They should be treated as kindly as the delicate tissue that surrounds the eye. By their very nature, lips retain little natural moisture. This renders them susceptible to dehydration, chafing, splitting, and swelling. Taking care of them must become an important part of your skin care routine. Countless products are available to treat lip problems. But since ‘an ounce of prevention’ is a smarter strategy, let’s address some lip care techniques. Use these easy tips to care for your lips.

  • Quit your lip-licking habit. Licking causes evaporation, leading to dehydration. Increase your water intake. Your body needs internal replenishment. Dehydration and sun damage show quickly on your lips. Drink, drink, and drink some more.
  • Protect. Environmental pollutants and sun exposure can ravage fragile lip tissue. Use a good lip moisture treatment. Our own Lip Treatment-Skincare Intensive plumps your lips, enhances contours and provides a cocktail of oligopeptides, natural avocado oil and a powerful blend of vitamins. This product is soothing and emollient. Use it faithfully.
  • Stop Smoking! Smoking can cause premature aging by making your facial skin wrinkle. Smoking also increases your chance of developing lip cancers.
  • Vitality and Vitamins. Cut open a capsule of Vitamin E and dab the oil on your lips for a very therapeutic treatment for dry, cracked lips. 
  • Ice your swollen lips with iced tea. Brew your tea. Place the tea bag at the bottom of a glass, add two ounces of tea and fill the rest of the glass with ice. Let the teabags chill. Then remove them from the glass and apply gently to lips. Keep some in the freezer for emergencies.
  • Canker sores of the lips are effectively treated with topical applications of zinc-oxide cream. Coat the sore with a fine layer of ZO and dab on some gloss.


Housekeeping- Cleaning 101

Ready, set, clean!

Maryann Rodino has served as executive housekeeper at The Spa at Norwich Inn for 16 years. She advises, “Always have an organized system, and follow it. You don’t tiptoe around it. You have to be very efficient. You have to hustle and stay in the flow of the job. It’s important not to break your momentum.”

She also believes it helps to be prepared by “reading the room.” She explains by saying, “I let my eye go around the room and make a mental note of the supplies that I will need, and I get them into position.” Maryann offers a suggestion for a dreaded task. “Use fabric softener dryer sheets to clean vinyl shades,” says Rodino. “They do a good job of removing dust and dirt.”


Media Gatherings

While many of you are relaxing on a beach or heading north to the mountains this summer, several of us from The Spa at Norwich Inn will be trekking to New York City. Why visit Manhattan in the summer heat?  Because that is when we have wonderful opportunities to meet with top national media.  

Our spa is a member of Historic Hotels of America (HHA) and the International Spa Association (ISPA), both of which sponsor media events in New York City.  HHA’s event is in late June; ISPA’s is in late July.

At these events, we will discuss our newest programs and offerings with writers and producers who cover travel, spa, beauty, food, and lifestyle. Through these writers and producers, we get the opportunity to communicate with you, the reader and the viewer, by way of the articles that are published and the stories that are aired.

If you’d like to read up on news we’ve already announced, click here to visit our Press Room.  You also can see articles published about us in the Press Room under In The News.

By the way, if you are a mother with a teenage daughter and are encountering difficult issues – such as choice of clothing and hairstyle; clothes and body image; and peer pressure -- you may be interested in a new program we are developing for mothers and teenage daughters. We will be presenting this program to the media at the ISPA event. Look for details in our fall newsletter.


Culinary Events

My name is Daniel Chong-Jimenez, Executive Chef at The Spa at Norwich Inn. I am excited to be able to communicate with you through the new Spa at Norwich Inn newsletter, and will periodically make use of this opportunity to keep you appraised of some of the culinary events coming that we are planning. Below are some details regarding currently scheduled events.

June 22, 2006 (Thursday) -- We will feature Priam winery from Colchester, Connecticut, just a few miles to the north.  Many Priam wines have garnered numerous international awards, bringing new attention to local wineries.  I have written a unique menu to fit their wines hand in glove.  Please click here to browse the menu and wine selections.

October 19, 2006 (Thursday) – Wines from the Loire Valley of France will be featured.  I am very pleased with this offering, because none of the wines that we will pour have been sold in this country until recently.  They are considered local gems made by small family producers without links to the large commercial importers.  The menu I developed for this event is unique for these wines, and reflects the best food pairings made with New England ingredients. 

Speaking for myself and for all the staff here at The Spa at Norwich Inn, we look forward to seeing you soon, and providing for an unforgettable dining and wine-tasting experience!

Warmest regards,

Daniel Chong-Jimenez
Executive Chef



Boutique Specials

Summer is fast approaching and it is important to make sure that you are protected from harmful rays. The Spa at Norwich Inn’s signature boutique offers a number of sun protection products, including sunscreens for face and body, a sunless tanner, and even stylish hats with sun protection built in! If self-tanning is for you, don’t forget to exfoliate first, as this allows for the most even application.

Summer also means sandal season, so don’t forget to keep your feet in tip top shape. Every month we offer a Special Indulgence, a collection of our best selling products, offered at 25 % off the regular price. To start the summer right, we are offering our Loofah Bath & Shower Scrub for $13.50 (regularly $ 18.00; this product is great to use before applying a self-tanner), our Triangle Sponge-- natural on one side, exfoliating on the other -- for $4.50 (regularly $6.00), our Peppermint Foot Crème for $15.00 (regularly $20.00) and our Peppermint Foot Spray for $13.50 (regularly $18.00).

For ordering, and to see more products, click here.