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Welcome to our Mid-Summer E-Newsletter. In this issue, our talented and knowledgeable spa experts will give you tips based on a common theme: Take A Break. We'll talk about ways to simplify your life to ensure that you have sufficient time for yourself to enjoy the season. Whether it's body care, beauty care, simple, cooling meals, or simple tips to keep your house cleaner with less energy, we have sound and practical advice for you.




Spa Director Betty Loiacono thinks "simplicity" is the key to body maintenance in the summer. She's given you seven simple ways to "Take a Break" - one for each day of the week. 

We're in the middle of summer, and I'm here to offer you a simple seven-step regime to ensure that the sun heat of the season doesn't disturb your overall wellness and healthy glow.  Examine the condition of your hair and skin. Are they looking dry?  Are your hands and nails showing signs of spending hours in the garden? Have you not exercised as much as you’d planned?  How hard has the summer been on your feet? Did you give yourself any time to relax, unwind, and replenish?  Or, are you always 'doing for others?'

Perhaps you feel, as many people do, that your body is too much of a project to handle all at once. You have little enough time to say hello to yourself, let alone follow all the beauty advice in current magazines.  So, here are three words of advice - not original words - but priceless words:  "SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY." - THOREAU

Here are seven SIMPLE head- to-toe strategies to get you back on track in one week. Create a different list for each week of the summer for personal pampering and self-indulgence.  
All it takes is a little plotting and planning to give yourself a thank-you for all that you do.

SUNDAY - Treat your hair to a favorite deep-conditioning treatment.
MONDAY - Pluck or wax your eyebrows into shape. 
TUESDAY - Nourish your face and neck with a deep cleansing mask.
WEDNESDAY - After an exfoliating shower scrub using sugar or fine beach sand, apply a cooled and summer-scented body lotion.
THURSDAY - Manage a manicure.
FRIDAY - Treat your feet to a pedicure after a walk on the beach.
SATURDAY - Spend relaxing time alone with yourself.  Reflect on the past week and on the events week to come.  Write your memories in a journal.  Listen to soothing music.  Take a walk or just lie still.  It’s the day to soothe your soul.  Strategize how to pamper yourself one simple step at a time for the next week.  No one deserves it more than you!



From The Boutique

Retail Director Cheryl Urso also believes in simplicity -- in her case, some special tips for facial and body care to simplify your make-up beauty routine.

In the heat, use a transparent powder for any touch-ups and to keep looking fresh throughout the day. Use tissue to blot excess oil. If you wear a medium to full coverage foundation, you may want to switch to a sheerer one or a tinted moisturizer for the summer.

To help your lips look their best, exfoliate them for a smooth base for the soft pinks or vibrant colors you’ll be wearing this summer. If you are spending more time at the beach or outdoors, all you will need is a waterproof mascara and lip-gloss. And remember to apply your sunscreen! Happy Summer!



From Chef Daniel's Kitchen

Executive Chef Daniel Chong-Jimenez offers you tips for simple, cooling foods that require minimal preparation time, so that you can enjoy the weather outdoors.

If you want to play outside all day and spend as little time as possible in the kitchen preparing your meals, check out these tips for time-saving "cold food, good eats."

For a satisfying, no-cook breakfast try some diced fruits with yogurt or cottage cheese sprinkled with some almonds or walnuts.  The protein from the dairy and fat from the nuts help the meal "last longer" by keeping hunger away.  If you don’t mind cooking a little, boil some eggs (in their shell) in a little water – about halfway up the side of the shell.  For nice, yellow yolks follow this tip:  place the eggs, single layer, in a small pot, fill with water halfway up the eggs.  As soon as the water reaches a gentle boil start a timer for 13 minutes.  When the timer goes off, drain off the hot water, being careful not to burn yourself.  Immediately add some ice and a little water to flash-chill the eggs.  This will keep the yolk from overcooking and turning green.  The eggs will keep well for a few days, and they make excellent small meals by themselves or as part of a greater good.

Nice and quick summer lunches start with cold and fresh New England vegetable goodies.  Cucumbers are great with good quality canned tuna, chopped parsley, and some chopped red bell peppers.  Dress your salad with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and heady, virgin olive oil.  Add some sea salt grains and some cracked black pepper for an extra zing…green olives sound good, too!  When the night is a bit beyond cool, remember to cook some pasta before you close the window.  Make enough for a couple of meals and mix some into your salad.  If you have ever made a chunky Gazpacho, try presenting the cold, cooked pasta with some chunky Gazpacho over it and a little extra olive for zesty pasta salad lunch or dinner.

Salmon, shrimp, lobster and other very lean meats are nice cold.  The first three foods work nicely poached.  This cooking process can be tricky, leading to either under of overcooking.  Remember to cook at a gentle simmer, and if you can't read the cooking stage by looking, make a small cut at the thickest part to check if it is cooked to your liking.  Once it has cooked enough, you can chill the pieces in an ice bath or transfer, uncovered, to you refrigerator (if the quantities are small enough) to cool it down.  If you want to use beef or chicken, the "eye of the round" works best for beef because it’s very lean and boneless; skinless chicken breast works very well.

Cooking a little bit ahead is a good trick to keep you out of the kitchen.  Use more lettuces, raw vegetables and fruits.  You can make simple vinaigrettes with rice wine, champagne and raspberry vinegars.  All acidic fruits, lemons, oranges, blood oranges, etcetera, can be recruited to use as light purees for many meals.  Lemon works well with all seafood, orange loves chicken and beef adores balsamic with black, blue or raspberries.

And here's a recipe for a delicious and nutritious pick-me-up for a summer day.

Cucumber Smoothie by Chef Daniel Chong-Jimenez

Serves 2    
Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
1 each peeled medium cucumber
1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt
2 each mint leaves
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
1 pinch sea salt

Place all of the ingredients in a blender and run until smooth.  Serve chilled.
NOTES: Nutritional Facts:  82 kcal, 4 grams protein, 18 grams carbohydrate, and 0 fat




Executive Housekeeper Maryann Rodino believes delegating work and enlisting family members in the effort of a clean home can help take care of maintenance and give you more time to chill out.

Delegate chores to family members so that one person does not get stuck with doing everything. If you have funds that allow summer projects done by outside help, college students or high school students, fence painting, weeding and mowing are good projects for young people to tackle. This will save you time and the students get a little cash.  Pace yourself, so you do not try to do everything in one day. Instead, spread your work throughout the week. Prep meals in the AM if possible to make your life easier. Clean in cool, loose clothing. Some tips for cleaning:  when cooking, clean up splatters and spills immediately, such as grease around the stove, so it does not get baked on and you have to fight to clean it later; after taking a shower, be sure to have each family member wipe down the shower and tub avoiding soap scum build- up; change your shower curtain liners weekly to avoid mildew.  Encourage the family to pick up after themselves, so you will not have to spend precious summer times picking up unnecessarily. Summer is tag sale and rummage sale time, making it a good time to get rid of unnecessary clutter.



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