Winter Floor Care Tips from Executive Housekeeper Mary Ann Rodino

The first step in eliminating some of the winter wear and tear on your floors and rugs is to vacuum daily, and vacuum even more often in heavy trafficked areas. Here at the Inn I have the heavily used areas vacuumed three times a day. Secondly, in your home's entryways, have a good doormat that will be abrasive enough to remove debris and absorbent enough for water and snow from shoes and boots. If you have hardwood floors, wipe up any moisture immediately, especially if the footwear carried in salt or a snow-melt product. If your house entry allows, have a boot tray near the door for soiled and wet footwear.



Winter Fitness and Weight Loss Tips from Fitness Instructors Donna Benoit and Christine Combies

  1. Keep a positive outlook.  Set realistic, short-term goals.  Start out by putting aside 15 to 20 minutes for exercise three times a week.  Find an activity you enjoy – like walking.  Find a buddy. Get a pedometer. Take the stairs. Park farther away than normal.  Get a video tape or DVD to try something new.  Find the fun in moving  and you'll begin to feel better and want to do more. 

  2. Replace empty calories. Practice food snobbery. Eat high quality foods – fresh fruits and veggies.  Toss empty calories and snack temptations in the trash. Smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day help fuel a steady metabolism. This helps prevent crash-and-burn binging.  

  3. Reduce stress.  Stress can cause you to eat mindlessly, gain weight and become lethargic.  If you focus on lowering stress, goals one and two will be more easily attainable.  Take five minutes out of your day to practice this breathing exercise.  Sit quietly and comfortably and let your mind settle in on your breath.  Gradually begin to deepen each breath.  Allow it to fill your belly.  Exhale slowly and completely.  Practice this for a full five minutes.  It will give you a good boost toward your goals.


Keeping Winter Skin Smooth and Moist

During the cold winter months our skin needs special attention, and we are pleased to offer you several wonderful antidotes for dry winter skin. Herbal Nova Cream is an ultra-rich facial cream that can be used day or night and contains milk proteins and lipids to moisturize and soothe.  Our Liquid Gold is a wonderful supplement to the Herbal Nova Cream or any day or night cream. This highly lubricating and finely textured liquid softens the skin and provides a protective barrier when used on top of your moisturizer.  It is also great on lips and cuticles!

For the body we also have some great options.  Our Avocado Body Lotion is one that has stood the test of time. A favorite of our guests for years, this creamy lotion uses natural oils such as soybean, jojoba, avocado and sweet almond to alleviate dryness and smooth rough skin. We also have two other signature moisturizers to choose from: Apricot Harvest Body Lotion and Lavender Body Lotion.



How a winter cleansing will help you begin the year right

  1. Drink water abundantly:  when you wake, before every meal and before bed.  Room-temperature water is best.  Cold water can cause muscle contractions that can become uncomfortable.

  2. Include greens, vegetables, fruits and whole grains in at least two of your daily meals.  Root vegetables are especially good for you in winter because the plant’s energy is concentrated in the root – a valuable source of nutrients.  Foods grown locally are wise choices.  It is believed that they reflect the energy of your local climate and will supply nourishment proportional to your needs.  Local foods are typically fresher and better-tasting because they are picked closer to their peak stage.

  3. Avoid large meals six hours before bedtime.  A light salad of vegetables or fruits or a combination of both is a good night-time meal.  If that’s not enough, add a little cheese and vinegar or lemon juice to enhance the experience.

  4. Avoid fatty foods and preferably choose lean proteins like skinless chicken breast and baked fish.  Vegetable protein like soy (tofu) is even better.

  5. Avoid alcohol or keep intake low.

  6. Take a walk around the neighborhood or inside the mall if it’s too cold.

Try the above recommendations three days in a row (or longer) and feel your outlook improve overnight!