Welcome to our Winter e-newsletter.
In this issue, our talented and knowledgeable spa experts will give you tips on what's fresh and new for 2008. Winter doesn't have to be "down time." We’ve got plenty of new things to try, ideas to contemplate, and tips to make life easier. We hope you enjoy them.

SPA - Assistant Spa Director Danielle Knerr & team unveil new chocolate spa services

We offer over 55 beauty and body treatments in our spa, but we are always looking for ways to keep it new and fresh, particularly for those guests who have visited before. At the end of 2007, I and a committee of experienced spa professionals were given the opportunity to create four new seasonal spa ideas for 2008. These new spa services would not only change every three months, but would reflect the flavors, fruits, flowers and vegetables of the season.

For our winter season, we have developed four fabulous new treatments based upon the wonderful aroma and goodness of chocolate. Did we say goodness? Research has demonstrated that chocolate has twice the antioxidants of green tea. It contains vitamins A, B1, C, D and E, as well as minerals like potassium. The rich cocoa butter moisturizes and plumps skin. And the aroma of chocolate stimulates our bodies to produce endorphins and serotonin, two natural mood enhancers . . . as if you didn't know that!

So what have we done with chocolate? Through the month of April, you may enjoy the following luscious chocolate spa services.  Some even come with a serving of something chocolate!

How sweet it is... under the soothing rain of our Vichy shower, we exfoliate your body with our delicious-smelling Chocolate Chip Scrub. The amazing cocoa plant reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin's flexibility. When finished, we will follow up with an application of Chocolate body lotion which will leave your skin smooth and soft.
25-minutes $70++

Chocolate - transform your usual bite-size indulgence into a total body experience from your fingers to your toes. Whether you choose a manicure or a pedicure (or both), begin with a luxurious softening Chocolate soak, followed by an exfoliation with our Peppermint Mocha scrub. A Chocolate masque will then be applied, followed by an application of our White Chocolate Soufflé. Each of these treatments includes polish.
50-minutes each $70++ each


The aroma of Chocolate provides both pleasure and comfort. Imagine the room filling with the sweet scent of Chocolate as your skin is exfoliated with the application of our Chocolate Chip scrub. Next, experience our nourishing Chocolate body masque, followed by a wrap in the warmth of a full-body heating blanket. While wrapped, you will breathe deeply and relax with a delicious massage from your neck up to your head. You'll shower off the masque and return to the table for the grand finaleóan application of our oh-so-good moisturizing Chocolate lotion which further soothes, softens and hydrates the skin.
50-minutes $125++  

Those are our nourishing, therapeutic and downright delicious new spa services. Make your plans now, since they will be offered only through April 30th.

We'll have more news in our next newsletter on what other new spa services are planned for 2008. Our development team is testing ways to use some or all of the following ingredients for the remaining seasons of the year:

Spring: floral elements, melon, cucumber and raspberry

Summer: coconut, mango and lime

Fall: pumpkin, cranberry and peppermint



THE BOUTIQUE - Retail Director Cheryl Urso Sings the Praises of Vanilla, Natural Ingredients and Natural Fabrics

It's just a coincidence, but we segue from chocolate to vanilla as Retail Director Cheryl Urso adds vanilla to our body care line. She thinks of vanilla as one of the most enjoyable of scents, and she is offering it in the form of Super Hydrating Body Lotion by V’TAE. This lotion is 99 percent natural, and its ingredients include certified organic sunflower oil, Vitamin E, grape seed extract and essential oils. The price is $15 for eight fluid ounces.

Also new is the all-natural Deodorant and Body Freshener, also by V'TAE. It is a blend of essential oils and botanicals that eliminate bacteria naturally. It comes in a .60 ml spray bottle costing $6.

And as we move toward spring, look for comfort and eco-friendly clothing in organic cotton and bamboo. Further down the line, we are in the development phase for new products for men and new herbal eye pads. Stay tuned.



FROM CHEF DAN'S KITCHEN - Executive Chef Daniel Chong-Jimenez teaches that commitments to change last when written down . . . and followed

1.  Make a goal based on a core, personal value.  This can be "spending more time with the kids" or "eating better to attain a healthy weight."  It has to be soulfully meaningful.  If you hang up a picture of a black dress the size of a broomstick and tell yourself that you need to get down a few sizes to fit into it, it will not happen by just looking at it; there's work to be done!  Attach your goal to an idea or emotion of profound value.

Food Goal #1:  Eat your carbohydrates earlier in the day and eat fewer or none at night – this will help your body burn fat.

2.  Write down the goal and the why (reasons).  Take time to write it out in detail without adding additional goals.  Keep it focused and to the point.  Post the goal everywhere you can to remind yourself of what you want to achieve.  If a picture of a black dress reminds you of your plan, then I guess it's OK, then.

Food Goal #2:  Always snack on vegetables and whole, low starch fruits

3.  Recruit others to help you reach that goal.  Find friends or family that is willing to help you police yourself.  Make them active participants in your goal by providing a reward, if necessary, once the goal is reached.  The reward should be something of strong mutual value like a trip or vacation.  Find something really good that will motivate your support team.

Food Goal #3:  Base one half of every big meal, breakfast and lunch, on vegetables - steamed, raw or stir-fried in a little oil.

4. Set a definitive date for achievement.  A goal must be tracked and reaching it must be a decisive event, otherwise it becomes meaningless.  In the case of a weight loss goal, tracking progress is easy, because you can have weigh-in days and charts that mark your progress.

Food Goal #4:  Make water your drink of choice and avoid flavored drinks – stay natural.

Now, let's assume that you have found a "Real" goal.  You hired two friends to help.  Now, visualize yourself in that state of accomplishment everyday for more than five minutes at a time.  Add every possible detail to the mental picture:  the clothes you’re wearing, shoes, smells, sights, sounds, location, friends and family, everything you can - everything and more. 

Increase your chances of success by resolving to reach only one goal at a time.  This will make it easier to stay focused.  Remember that behavioral change is very hard, but not impossible.  Take small steps; constantly evaluate yourself and your progress.  When you find your goal is slipping away, go back to step one.  Keep the same goal, but go through the motions again and flesh out your reasons more to find motivation to stay on-track.  Recruit more people or God to your cause, increase the reward, look for ways to make it fun and continually revisit the basic steps.



HOUSEKEEPING Executive Housekeeper Mary Ann Rodino helps you get a jump on spring cleaning.

On dreary winter days, get a jump on spring cleaning. Clear out your dresser drawers and closets and give what you donít need to those who have a real need. Take a few minutes to refresh your dresser drawers with sachets to provide a fresh, appealing scent. If your vacuum is getting tired, this is the time of the year to upgrade. There are new and improved models on the market. Do your research and make the selection that fits your needs. Consumer Reports is a good resource to consult.

This is also a good time of year to go into your kitchen pantry and remove and refresh your staples, especially spices, and re-cover your shelves. Having clean cabinets, closets and dresser drawers can uplift your spirits as you go about your daily chores.