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The Fragile Client

What better way to boost your spirits than with a spa treatment?

The Spa at Norwich Inn, in partnership with The ECHO Cancer Foundation, has developed a menu of Fragile Client Treatments to support your recovery in a warm, welcoming setting. We are ever mindful of your comfort and privacy and understand that each Fragile Client has unique needs. It is necessary for you to consult with your doctor and confirm that you have received medical permission to partake in these treatments. A complete list of product ingredients and treatment protocols are available upon request. To schedule your appointments, or if you have questions, please call our Fragile Care Advisors at 860-425-3601 or 860-425-3506. Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.

Wellness Massage Therapy (50 minutes) $95

This massage includes a private consultation with your therapist to discuss any special needs you may have or any medications you are taking that could require some modification to your treatment. Some accommodations may include special positioning or avoidance of sensitive areas. Your therapist will use gentle pressure to induce relaxation and ease tension.

Relaxation Facial (50 minutes) $95

This extraction and steam-free facial gently cleanses and removes impurities with unscented products. A relaxing facial massage and masque application stimulates circulation that leaves your complexion looking vibrant and restores hydration. We gently massage your hands and cocoon them in warmed mitts, leaving them silky soft.

Manicure • Pedicure (25 minutes each) $30 each

This pampering nail therapy is a great boost for your spirits! After a warm soak, your nails are shaped. Then your hands or feet are gently massaged with unscented crème followed by an application of the polish of your choice.

Please note: Cuticle trimming or foot callus removal is not included.

Hydrating Body Antidote (50 minutes) $135

We incorporate a very gentle exfoliation using a fine grain organic salt. This salt is then removed with warmed towels. A luxurious unscented crème is applied to your body. Allow yourself to quiet your mind during the gentle face and head massage.