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Tarot Card Readings


Paula assists in creating life shifts that illuminate and awaken your spirit, alter your outlook and approach to life, and inspire you to make changes that may improve your relationships, well-being, and career.

Sessions are helpful for providing insight and guidance into any area of your life you are concerned about, such as wellness, career, and relationships. You may also discuss the spiritual path or an extraordinary, unexplained encounter. Since the Tarot was designed as a mystical tool to answer questions, bring at least one to your session. Sessions start with a protective prayer, a spiritual invocation, and a transmission of healing. They close with a blessing of grace. The Rider Waite tarot deck is used in the Celtic cross layout. First, the spread is read and interpreted for general themes, patterns, and messages. Next, the session is opened for your specific questions and issues so that Paula can intuitively bring forth deeper and more specific insight. Bring recent photos of people involved, if you’d like. Sessions are interfaith, can be spiritual in nature, and often reference the body, mind, and soul. You may ask your loved ones who have crossed over to come through the veil but it is not guaranteed that they will show up upon demand.

Paula is Clairvoyant (sees images and visions), Clairaudient (hears words, phrases, and sounds), and Empathic (perceives emotions, feelings, and sensations).

Please avoid using fragrances and turn off your cell phone. You may record the session but not post it on the internet. Since the card interpretation lasts a number of minutes, choose a 50-minute session if you have significant concerns or several questions:

To gain guidance and insight into one or two questions.

To gain guidance and insight into several questions and their underlying issues.

Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.

Paula is a contemplative mystic who began the spiritual path in the mid 1980’s and received enlightenment in 1994. As a teacher, seer, and healer, she has offered spiritual guidance and inspiration to thousands of seekers since her illumination. She is devoted to helping others heal, transform their lives, unveil their higher natures, and tap the great fountain of love that springs within the cavern of the mystical heart. She is trained as a psychotherapist, has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a dual focus on Mental Health Counseling and Career Counseling from Antioch University New England and a Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in holistic health studies. Continued Education: Certified in Pastoral Counseling-Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training, Reiki Master EMF Balance Technique, Angelic Attunement Practitioner.