The Spa at Norwich Inn is pleased to welcome Paula Upton for intuitive tarot card readings.paula

Paula assists in creating life shifts that illuminate and awaken your spirit, alter your outlook and approach to life, and inspire you to make changes that may improve your relationships, well-being, and career. She is Clairvoyant (sees images and visions), Clairaudient (hears words, phrases, and sounds), and Empathic (perceives emotions, feelings, and sensations). Sessions focus on providing clarity and insight into areas of your life that concern you. Readings are inter-faith, can be spiritual in nature, and often reference the body, mind and spirit.

Readings start with intuitive impressions. Then your questions are addressed so that the heart of the matter may surface in the cards. The Rider Waite tarot deck is used, starting in the Celtic cross layout. Extra cards are placed for a multi-dimensional view into your issues. Cards are read in their upright positions, as they were originally created. Interpretation of symbols are not limited to the classical, fixed ones, but are read as one grand mosaic unique to you.

Come to your reading prepared with a list of questions. Bring photos of people involved, either printed or on your cell phone. Please do not wear fragrances and turn your cell phone off. Sessions are not taped, but you are free to bring audio recording equipment or take notes.

25 Minute Sessions • $65
For gaining clarity and insight into one or two questions.

50 Minute Sessions • $95
For gaining clarity and insight into several questions and their
underlying issues.

Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.

Paula Upton is from Connecticut and has been offering psychic readings professionally since 1994. She is trained as a psychotherapist, has a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with dual focus on Mental Health Counseling and Career Counseling from Antioch University New England and a Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in holistic studies.


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