Waxing Services
Facial Waxing
Brow Shaping
allow 15 mins $23
Lip or Chin
allow 15 mins $15
Cheeks or Jaw Line
allow 30 mins $30
Three Area Combination
allow 30 mins $50
Body Waxing
Full Chest/Stomach
allow 45 mins $75
allow 45 mins $70
Tummy (women)
allow 15 mins $20
Under Arms
allow 30 mins $30
Half Arms
allow 30 mins $40
Full Arms
allow 45 mins $50
Half Legs
allow 45 mins $60
Full Legs
allow 85 mins $80
allow 30 mins $40
Beyond Bikini*
allow 45 mins $55
*Approx 2 inches further than regular bikini. Please allow 2 weeks after shaving or at least a half inch of hair growth before booking the bikini or beyond bikini waxing service.
Make-up Services
Make-Up Application Service
(60 minutes) $40

Pre-Wedding Day Make-up Consultation and Application Service
(60 minutes) $50

Allow our professional Make-up Artists to guide you through the latest tips, trends, techniques and color recommendations designed to enhance your individual sense of style and beauty. We are a leader in the art of custom blending foundation, tinted moisturizer and concealer to perfectly match your skin tone. Formulas and colors are recorded on your personal prescription card to make re-ordering a breeze!

BONUS: The Make-up Application service fee will be waived with a $100 make-up purchase!

Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.


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