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Facial Treatments

Printable Menu of Facial Treatments

In the privacy of your treatment room, you may discuss your current regimen and future goals. After examining your skin, your Esthetician may recommend a different facial than the one you initially selected.

A breakthrough in aesthetic technology providing non-laser, non-invasive skin resurfacing. The HydraFacial removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing. These facials provide optimal results, depending on the facial you choose!

The Ultimate: This customized HydraFacial begins with facial lymphatic therapy, overall skin rejuvenation from cleansing & hydrating to a selected booster to address your skin concerns and goals, while infused with the benefits of LED light as well.
(80 minutes) $325

The Deluxe: This complete facial includes the benefits of a HydraFacial by taking it to the next level with your choice of a booster, addressing anti-aging properties or brightening benefits.
(50 minutes) $250

The Signature: A four step treatment that includes cleansing, hydropeel exfoliation, extractions and an infusion of antioxidants and peptides enhancing skins appearance and texture.
(25 minutes) $190

*Contraindicated for pregnancy, certain autoimmune disorders, and during the use of anti-coagulants.

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

Natural products provide the perfect remedy for dehydrated skin. Hydrating rose extracts and nourishing rose hip oil help to restore skin’s vital moisture and balance. Skin is left smooth and glowing. The body and mind are totally relaxed.

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

Peel away the signs of stress to reveal a more youthful luminous appearance. Customized and designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and infuse collagen into your skin.

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

This facial embraces the power of peptides with the microdermabrasion action that works on a cellular level to increase hydration and visibly reduce both fine lines and wrinkles. Move over anti-aging!

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

A deep cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation. Extractions and a hydrating mask complete this basic facial. Treat your face to a skin revival while saving what great skin you have.

This facial is designed for those that spend time in front of computer screens, on cell phones and under florescent lighting. Blue light exposure, along with pollutants and environmental toxins, increases inflammation and accelerates signs of aging. This facial clears away build up, strengthens the skin’s environmental defenses and improves hormonal imbalances.

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

This treatment features the healing power of nature with a combination of herbal complexes known to balance the skin. Organic extracts improve the skin’s natural barrier function. A slow pressure facial point massage releases tension, followed by a Green Tea Mask to soothe delicate skin and reveal a natural, radiant glow.

The ultimate anti-aging facial for men, customized for instant results.
This hydrating facial decongests the skin, infuses moisture to overstressed skin, and protects the face from future damage.

Provides fast and effective skin recovery benefits with a gentle exfoliation, Vitamin C infusion and copper-activating serum to reinforce skin natural barrier protection.

*In Addition: Add one or both of the following waxing options into any 50 minute facial service:

Brow Wax/Cleanup $15
Lip Wax $15