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Tarot & Super Soul Session

Session times are available Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s from 10:30am-4:30pm.

Paula helps you create beneficial life shifts that illuminate and awaken your spirit, alter your outlook and approach to life and be inspired to make positive changes that improve your relationships, well-being and career. Mystical sessions are interfaith and spiritual in nature.

ABOUT PAULA, Mystic on site since 2010
Paula Dianne Upton is a contemplative mystic who began the spiritual path in the mid 1980’s and received enlightenment in 1994. She is author of the book, Signs of Infinity – Keys to Awaken the Soul. As a teacher, seer and healer, she has given spiritual guidance and inspiration to thousands of seekers since her illumination. She is devoted to helping others heal, transform their lives, unveil their higher natures and tap the great fountain of love that springs within the cavern of the mystical heart. She is trained as a psychotherapist, has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a dual focus on Mental Health Counseling and Career Counseling from Antioch University New England and a Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in holistic studies. Continued Ed: Certificate in Pastoral Counseling-Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training, Reiki Master, EMF Balance, Angelic Attunement Practitioner. Paula is Clairvoyant (sees images and visions), Clairaudient (hears words, phrases, and sounds) and Empathic (perceives emotions, feelings, and sensations).


Tarot is a mystical tool designed to answer questions and address concerns, so bring at least one to your session. General themes, overall patterns and messages are interpreted in the spread of cards, followed by specific concerns while Paula brings forth answers and more pertinent insight via her intuition. Those who have no questions are welcome to see what the Tarot has to say.

To gain guidance and insight into one or two questions.

To gain guidance and insight into several questions and their underlying issues.


Paula applies her awareness gained from a decades-long study of the mystic’s path of enlightenment to give individualized spiritual counseling and intuitive insight. Bring any concern, question, topic or curiosity for discussion. Perfect to explore spiritual subjects or
to understand mysterious situations and for those who need emotional support and uplifting.



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