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Facial Treatments

In the privacy of your treatment room, you may discuss your current regimen and future goals. After examining your skin, your Esthetician may recommend a different facial than the one you initially selected. Extractions may be performed if needed during all facials except the Express Facial and the Luminous Signature Facial. Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax. Please do not use Retin A or Renova based products 72 hours prior to a facial. Avoid exposure to heat or sun for two hours before and after these treatments. Printable Menu of Facial Treatments

Luminous Signature Facial (50 minutes) $150

Did you know that aside from a more youthful appearance, resurfacing the skin allows all other products to perform optimally?This resurfacing facial minimizes the appearance of pores and leaves skin glowing and luminous. Due to the active ingredients used, extractions are not needed. Two luxurious masques, which vary depending on your skin type, along with a complete facial massage leave you looking and feeling radiant with a sense of well-being. Available in packages at an additional charge.

Face Firming Facial (50 minutes) $150

Do you love instant results?The primary focus of this treatment is to infuse the face, neck and décolleté with Peptides – the skin care wonder that increases collagen production to achieve a firmer, more youthful appearance. As an added bonus, we also treat your hands to a “facelift”. Perfect for providing instant results before any special occasion. Your skin care professional will advise you if extractions are needed.Available in packages at an additional charge.

European Deep Cleansing Facial (50 minutes) $100

Does your skin need a deep cleansing with extractions?In the classic European tradition, we will analyze, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, extract, masque and hydrate your skin. Our Fruit Enzyme Peel gently removes impurities and dull surface cells. Our Vitamin C Crème leaves your complexion vibrant, restored and hydrated.

Anti-Aging Facial (50 minutes) $115

Want to diminish fine lines and improve your skin’s elasticity?Choose this defense strategy to combat aging. Our Botanical Bio-Peptide™ and Amino-lift Peptide™ Complex therapy repairs, restores and produces maximum hydration.

Antidote for Fragile & Sensitive Skin (50 minutes) $115

Is your skin sensitive and reactive?We have an effective, calming, vitamin-rich strategy specifically designed to reduce sensitivity. Our Rosacalm™ Serum application immediately soothes.Cold ‘Derm-A-Globes’ provide for a relaxing facial massage. An application of a deeply hydrating, protective moisturizer is the finishing touch.

Crystal Peel™ Cream Microdermabrasion (50 minutes) $115

Do you know you can improve skin’s texture and decrease fine lines without chemical peels?This machine-free process is designed to gently and progressively stimulate the production of collagen. Our Crystal Peel™ Microdermabrasion cream will refine skin texture and clarity, reduce fine lines and enlarged pores, even out skin tone, and help control acne.

Men’s Energizing Facial (50 minutes) $100

Are you looking for a way to enhance your skin’s appearance?Let us help you address the specific needs of your skin. We use our own Men’s Facial Line to achieve a thorough facial cleansing and exfoliation. Then, a specially chosen serum and masque are applied to calm irritated skin. You will look refreshed and re-energized.

Teen Facial (50 minutes) $100

Are you frustrated with daily skin care results?Teen skin can be dry and flaky, oily and inflamed, or a combination of the two. After a deep cleansing, extractions and a healing masque, we apply Bee Propolis Serum, Blemish Fix and a moisturizer.

Back Facial (50 minutes) $110

Is your back in need of deep cleaning and hydration?This purifying, cleansing, gently exfoliating Natural Grain Scrub gets results. Then we choose a masque to meet your needs. To balance and protect dehydrated skin we finish with our emollient-rich Avocado Body Lotion. An all-season must.

The Myoxy-Caviar Facial™ (80 minutes) $225

Seeking a lavish experience with unsurpassed anti-aging results?Russian Caviar, pearl extracts and Escutox™ are key ingredients in this award-winning therapy. Escutox™ is a natural, herbal, topical alternative to Botox®. Formulated with the finest marine ingredients, this therapy helps smooth fine lines, improve elasticity and promote cellular activity.

Express Facial (25 minutes) $65

Does your skin need a quick rescue?This efficient treatment offers analysis, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, Milk + Honey Masque and moisturizer application. A big WOW in a short amount of time.NOTE: No extractions.

Eyebright (25 minutes) $65

Are your eyes feeling tired?We cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. The use of pressure point techniques around your eyes helps to diminish puffiness and improve circulation. We finish with an application of our Eyebright Intensive Crème or Gel.