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Facial Treatments

Printable Menu of Facial Treatments

In the privacy of your treatment room, you may discuss your current regimen and future goals. After examining your skin, your Esthetician may recommend a different facial than the one you initially selected. NOTE: Do not use Retin A or Renova based products 72 hours prior to a facial. Avoid exposure to heat or sun for two hours before and after these treatments.

This facial is great for those that spend a great deal of time in front of computer screens, on cell phones and under florescent lighting. Simply put, blue light, along with exposure to pollutants and other environmental toxins, promotes stressors in skin that cause photo-aging; increases inflammation and accelerates signs of aging.

This deluxe facial deeply cleanses, clears away build up, repairs and protects skin while strengthening its environmental defenses.  Also improves hormonal imbalances.

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

Peel away the signs of stress to reveal a more youthful luminous appearance. Customized and designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and infuse collagen into your skin.

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

This facial embraces the power of peptides with the microdermabrasion action that works on a cellular level to increase hydration and visibly reduce both fine lines and wrinkles. Move over anti-aging!

NOTE: Available in packages at an additional charge.

Enhance and awaken the glow of youth with this highly effective treatment. Designed to remineralize the skin, this facial infuses nutrients and antioxidants into the skin to clarify, brighten and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Calm and soothe compromised skin. Treat and strengthen skin against signs of aging and blemishes with a powerful clarifying collection that soothes either challenged or sensitive skin.

The ultimate anti-aging facial for men, customized for instant results. This hydrating facial decongests blocked pores by removing dead skin layers, while fast-acting products calm redness, repair irritation caused by shaving and protect the skin from future damage.

A deep cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation. Extractions and a hydrating mask complete this basic facial. Treat your face to a skin revival while saving what great skin you have.

A gentle and cleansing facial for any type of teen skin.

Is your skin in need of a quick fix? How about a quick rescue? This efficient treatment offers analysis, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, masque and moisturizer application. A big WOW in a short amount of time. NOTE: No extractions.

Facials are wonderful for the face, but have you ever considered having a facial on your back? Treat yourself to stimulating and cleansing of the hardest area on the body to reach with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask and hydration.

*In Addition: Add one or both of the following waxing options into any 50 minute facial service:

Brow Wax/Cleanup $15
Lip Wax $15