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Specialty Services

Printable Menu of Specialty & Fragile Client Treatments

Please note: (p) denotes contraindication during pregnancy. Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.

Scent-Sational Relief (50 minutes) $100

If you are looking for a “lift” and some pampering, then this indulgent ritual is perfect for you. You will choose the aromatherapy oil that is best for you. This massage oil, in conjunction with a back massage, will help harmonize and rejuvenate your spirit. You will also receive a scalp massage with a light aroma hair oil and a face massage.

Ayurvedic Herbal Body Exfoliation (p) (50 minutes) $100

This full-body exfoliation uses a blend of high-potency Ayurvedic herbs including sandalwood, coriander, cardamom and valerian, followed by a warmed Bindi oil application. It is designed to calm the central nervous system, balance the body and mind, improve circulation and promote detoxification.

Blissful Body Brushing (50 minutes) $135

Dry skin brushing is one of the best techniques to exfoliate dead skins cells, open up pores and stimulate and detoxify the lymphatic system. The health of your whole body is improved by this technique. The treatment includes dry skin brushing followed by an application of nourishing oil to feed the skin. After your head, neck, hands and feet are massaged, body lotion is applied leaving you with soft healthy skin.

Craniosacral Therapy (50 or 80 minutes) $95, $152

By allowing the entire body to relax and self-correct, CranioSacral Therapy releases tension built up from every day stress and strain. Using light pressure, practitioners evaluate your internal environment. Then they use a distinctive light-touch technique to release any restrictions they find. By freeing the central nervous system to perform optimally, pain and stress are naturally eliminated and your sense of well-being is improved. Because it’s so gentle, CranioSacral Therapy is appropriate for all ages. Please note: Developed by Dr. John E. Upledger (The Upledger Institute), this therapy requires specialized training. Therefore, it has limited availability. In order for this treatment to be effectively performed, please wear comfortable clothing and not your robe.

Rain Drop Therapy (p) (50 minutes) $125

This hypnotic ritual employs the use of nine aromatherapy essential oils that have anti-viral/anti-spasmodic properties. They are applied in a ‘drop-by-drop’ ceremony. Then, using gentle strokes, the oils are delivered to your system leaving you with a feeling of pure bliss.

Reiki (50 minutes) $100

Reiki is a centuries-old Japanese healing technique that activates and balances your life force energy to re-energize and relax you. Your Reiki therapist will use gentle, focused hand placement techniques to channel energy to organs and glands and align the chakra energy centers. Please note: In order for this treatment to be effectively performed, please wear comfortable clothing and not your robe.

Shirodhara (p) (50 minutes) $100

A classic Ayurvedic healing practice, Shirodhara calms the central nervous system by the use of a stream of warmed, herbal-infused oil positioned to flow onto your third eye. This lulls the entire body into a state of profound calmness and tranquility. After a Marma Point facial massage you will enjoy a cup of cleansing Ayurvedic Vatta herbal tea. Please note that you will be on your back for this entire treatment.

Nirvana (p) (80 minutes) $175

Nirvana is described as a state of deep peace and bliss. Achieving Nirvana is the goal of this treatment which combines the rituals of Ayurvedic Herbal Body Exfoliation and Shirodhara.

EMF Balancing Technique (50, 80 or 100 minutes) $100, $157, $195

The Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique (EMF) is an energy method that encourages a greater sense of stability and balance in one’s life. The primary benefit of the session is the strengthening of the chakra system. Additional benefits include a sense of profound peace and well-being along with a greater mastery of one’s life.