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Waxing & Makeup Services

Printable Menu of Waxing

Facial Waxing

  • Brow Shaping (allow 15 min) $25
  • Lip or Chin (allow 15 min) $15
  • Three Area Combination (allow 30 min) $50

Body Waxing

  • Full Chest/Stomach (allow 45 min) $75
  • Back (allow 45 min) $70
  • Under Arms (allow 30 min) $30
  • Half Arms (allow 30 min) $40
  • Full Arms (allow 45 min) $55
  • Half Legs (allow 45 min) $60
  • Full Legs (allow 85 min) $80
  • Bikini (allow 30 min) $40
  • Beyond Bikini* (allow 45 min) $55
  • Brazilian (allow 45 min) $90

Book a series of 4 Body Waxing Services (same area) and receive your 5th appointment FREE*. Prepayment required. Ask for details.

*Approximately 2 inches further than regular bikini. Allow at least a half inch of hair growth before booking the Bikini or Beyond Bikini Waxing Service. Grooming not offered.

Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.

Makeup & More

Printable Menu of Makeup

Our experienced makeup artists will engage you in a journey to expose your true beauty potential. This 50-minute session will provide an update to your makeup routine. Engage in new ways to combine colors, create a new brow look or refresh your foundation.

Bonus: Fee waived if you spend $125 in retail makeup purchase. (Gratuity applies)

This service is designed to get you looking perfect for any special occasion.

This service is designed to get you looking perfect for any special occasion.

Bonus: $50 makeup credit if you book your wedding day makeup with us!

• Eyes: We will show you the best colors and trends that work for you. Smokey eyes? We can do it. Soft look? We got it. The possibilities are endless!
• Cheeks: Did someone say ROSY cheeks? Contour, highlight and define cheekbones…or not.
• Lips: If you like a bold look or gloss we will show you what looks best on you.
• Foundation: Who doesn’t love the perfect foundation coverage. We will match the perfect color and coverage for you.
• Brows: A perfect brow is a perfect life. We will show you what the best shape and color is for you.
• Lashes: Look at my lashes! Strip lash application that is perfect for any occasion. Gives eyes a refreshing new look.

Fabulous in 15 minutes – choose one from the following:

  • Highlight/Contouring
  • Best Brow for you
  • Lips
  • Lashes
  • Foundation Matching

The Art of Brow Shaping: Become the master of your own brows as we teach you the art of brow definition. Learn how to shape, fill and highlight so that you can consistently achieve great brows at home.

Brow Makeover: Shaping of brows and a finish-fill, define and highlight.
(25 minutes) $35

Brow Shaping: A quick clean up and shaping.
(15 minutes) $25