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Winter Spa Treatments

Available December 1st, 2018 to February 28th, 2019

Body Composition

(25 minutes) $45*
Start off the new year with the facts! Weight alone is not an indication of size. Meet with one of our trainers to learn more about your body composition. Using a noninvasive approach, this service will provide you with true indicators of your inner health: muscle, body fat percentage, physique rating and more. Leave with the details and a starting point to kick off your goals for a new year and a new you!

Winter Facial

(50 minutes) $150*
Turn on your collagen genes! This vitamin-rich facial restores tired skin through use of a patented cellular collagen support complex. Superior products with scientifically researched ingredients lessen fine lines and wrinkles, while your skin benefits from an increase in elasticity and significant fullness.

“New You” Body Wrap

(50 minutes) $135*
Enjoy this wakeup winter body wrap! The invigorating properties of coffee promote the body’s natural ability to break down fat and increase metabolism, simultaneously smoothing and improving skin texture in problem areas. Using natural, locally blended coffee and cocoa beans, your skin is gently exfoliated before a warm, soothing body wrap. After a warm shower, our custom-blended hydrating body lotion, rich in coconut oil and shea butter, seals in the benefits of this stimulating wrap.

Peppermint & Cacao Manicure & Pedicure

(50 minutes each) Manicure $55* Pedicure $70*
Indulge in our organic coffee and cacao peppermint nail services! Feel the benefit of a circulation boost when the cold winter temperatures threaten to freeze your hands and feet! An aromatic, stimulating coffee bean scrub will invigorate your senses, elevate your mood and help increase blood flow. The treatments conclude with a warm towel wrap to infuse product into the skin, a hydrating massage and a polish color of your choice.

*Plus applicable gratuity, service charge and CT sales tax.