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Body Wraps & Treatments

Printable Menu of Body Wraps

Wraps include an application of an exfoliant or customized masque followed by a cleansing shower. A nutritious lotion is applied before wrapping. While wrapped in a warming blanket, your therapist will massage your face and head. Please do not expose yourself to the sun, combine two heat treatments or use the sauna, steam or whirlpool closely together on the same day. We suggest waiting one hour prior to exercise, and drink extra fluids after these treatments.

Ayurvedic Mud Wrap (p) (50 minutes) $115

Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal-based Mud, imported from India, gently balances circulation and cleanses your system. An Ayurvedic oil application finishes this treatment.

Jasmine Java Hydrating Wrap (p) (80 minutes) $175

This treatment begins with a gentle, Espresso Citron Foaming Body Exfoliant made from finely milled organic espresso and citrus oils that smooth and soften skin. Next, an application of wild orchid extract and powerful antioxidants renews skin’s natural defenses. After a massage with Jasmine Java Nourishing Crème, made with coffee, cocoa and shea butter and infused with jasmine and ylang ylang, you emerge revived and refreshed.

Milk & Honey Body Wrap (50 minutes) $115

An exfoliation using a Milk & Honey Salt Scrub is followed by a shower. Antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, plus the humectant property of honey, combine to promote healthier skin. Finally, a wrap in Milk & Honey Butter Lotion melts away stress and tension.

Thalassotherapy (p) (50 minutes) $115

Rich in nutrients from the sea, this thermal algae body masque is designed to cleanse, tone and detoxify the system. A finishing application of our Avocado Body Lotion provides vitamin-enriched protection and nutrition.

Vitality Vitamin Wrap (50 minutes) $125

This luxurious treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation using an aromatic natural algae followed by a stimulating and fragrant application of Body Peeling Shower Gel. Once showered, your therapist applies a skin nourishing, antioxidant-dense Vitamin A, C, and E Cream.