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Body Wraps

Printable Menu of Body Wraps

Wraps include an application of an exfoliant or customized masque followed by a cleansing shower or moist warm towels. A nutritious lotion is applied before wrapping. While wrapped in a warming blanket, your therapist will massage your face and head.

A detoxifying treatment featuring the properties of seaweed combined with refreshing essential oils. Excess fluid is eliminated while tired and heavy muscles are invigorated. Finish with a relaxing application of a hydrating marine lotion.

A guest favorite, this customized service combines a body polish with a massage. We start with a soothing exfoliation to refresh and awaken tired skin. Warm towels wash away the polish before your mind and body are relaxed with a gentle massage using luxurious shea butter.

Combat the visible effects of aging skin and restore its appearance with this collagen boosting body wrap. Begin with a raw cane sugar scrub followed by a warm shower and a luxurious application of an anti-aging botanical blend. Tired skin is repaired by locking in moisture.

Enjoy the benefits of our homegrown treatment. With natural honey harvested from our onsite apiary, a gentle polish has been formulated to rejuvenate tired skin. Begin with an exfoliation to wake up the skin. After a warm shower, a soothing, luxurious emollient is applied to the body and seals in the rich benefits of honey.

Using locally-sourced organic coffee to exfoliate, this body wrap restores vitality to your metabolism, circulation and skin. After a refreshing shower a luxurious application of hydrating, organic lotion replenishes a newly refined skin.

Soothe tired sore muscles and re-mineralize the skin with this natural body polish. A polish base of Himilayan salts gently prepares the skin for a replenishing body wrap ladened with minerals resulting in softer, younger looking skin.

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